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What is Landing Page?

Hello friends, do you know how to make landing page and what is the difference between landing page and homepage?

There are many such questions and concepts related to landing pages that many new bloggers will not know yet.

But today we will tell you in detail about each and every topic related to landing page in this article, in which all the points are included from what landing page to benefits of this.

So let’s start………


Definition – Landing page is the page on your website that is designed to convert website visitors into leads.

Landing page is different from other pages of the website.

Through the landing page, you get its information (name, address, email etc.) from your visitors and in return provide them with your products or service offers.

Landing pages are very important to increase brand visibilty, increase sales, generate leads and boost SEO.

This is the best way to grow your customer base.

Landing page vs Homepage

Meaning of Landing Page

Landing page is created to redirect the traffic coming from a specific source on the website to a specific page.

The content of the landing page is focused on a single goal.

For example, buying a particular product or service or downloading an ebook or purchasing an online course, etc. Landing pages are usually not created as a permanent part of your website but for marketing campaigns.

Homepage Meaning

Homepage is the first page of a website, which includes important pages, links and important information related to the website.

It gives the user an opportunity to interact with the website’s team, learn more about the company’s values and mission, and even buy their products.

In fact the homepage acts as the headquarters or hub of the company or website, which connects all the important pages like blog, contact, privacy policy, about us etc at one place.

How Does a Landing Page Work?

The working method of landing page is very simple.

After clicking on the link, the user is redirected to the landing page in which there is a special offer or a product is told.

Landing page main component is strong CTA(Call-to Action), image, button and good content which motivates the user to complete an action.

This action can be of any kind, such as subscribing to a newsletter, filling out a form or checking out.

If the user likes your offer or product, then the user will have to fill the form to get that offer and in return it will become your lead.

This form usually includes fields for email address and username.

You can store this email address in your database which you can later use for your email marketing campaign.

How to Make Landing Page

We have created a step-by-step checklist below in which we have explained how to create a landing page for your website:

  1. Select your landing page.
  2. Give your landing page a name.
  3. Add valuable and engaging content to the landing page.
  4. Include attractive images or info graphics.
  5. Select the relevant domain name for the landing page.
  6. Make sure that all the links and CTA(Call-to Action) you have added to your landing page are working properly or not.
  7. Complete Meta description and SEO.
  8. After completing all these steps, publish your landing page.
  9. With the help of WordPress, you can start your Landing Page design.

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