Hostinger, Web Hosting on which you can trust

Hostinger is a superb option for those launching new websites, small enterprises, neighborhood stores, bloggers, business owners, e-commerce platforms, developers, and individuals involved in Minecraft gaming.

Hostinger,  Web Hosting on which you can trust

Hostinger stands out as a highly acclaimed hosting provider with an exceptional reputation. Renowned for its versatility, it accommodates various types of websites and offers tailored configurations for specific needs, making it a versatile choice for diverse scenarios.

Regarding its website builder, it excels in user-friendliness, a crucial aspect to consider. I effortlessly developed a website utilizing Hostinger's pre-designed templates and user-intuitive site editor, inclusive of an SEO-optimized blog. Additionally, Hostinger allows for the creation of online stores. While there are some constraints, it's a worthwhile option for aspiring small business owners.

Who should choose Hostinger? Hostinger is a superb option for those launching new websites, small enterprises, neighborhood stores, bloggers, business owners, e-commerce platforms, developers, and individuals involved in Minecraft gaming.

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Hostinger Pros and Cons

I appreciate Hostinger for various reasons, such as its dependable hosting environments, high-quality Content Delivery Network (CDN), and established reputation. The website builder offers over 100 ready-made templates, though it falls short in customization compared to other builders in the market.

While there are no significant issues with this company, it's important to be aware of some drawbacks that could impact your decision.

·        Very popular: Hostinger has over a million sites operating on its servers.

·        LiteSpeed: Hostinger uses LiteSpeed, which I am a big fan of. This can give you noticeable performance improvements on most types of websites.

·        Affordable hosting: Whether getting an entry-level option or something more advanced, the prices are always favorable at Hostinger. However, you must sign up for at least a year to get the best deals.

·        Easy to use: I enjoyed building a website on Hostinger’s website builder, particularly because it is intuitive. Menus are where they should be, and you can double-click to edit any element — plus, undoing any action is a cinch.

·        Artificial intelligence (AI) tools: Hostinger is leaning into AI and machine learning for content creation and image editing. It’s great to see a company embracing this technology. It’s not perfect, but I have high hopes for improvement.

·        30-day money-back guarantee: All new customers have a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.

·        99.9% uptime guarantee: The hosting environment at Hostinger is very stable, and it is backed up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

·        CloudFlare protection: All Hostinger web hosting benefits from CloudFlare-protected nameservers.

·        Free domain: New customers will be given a free domain for the first year (with a 12-month hosting contract).

·        Free SSL certificate: All websites hosted with Hostinger will have access to a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

    What fell flat

·        No dedicated servers: Hostinger does not offer dedicated servers, which some larger companies may require. If your site grows to the point where you want a dedicated server, you must either migrate to another company or consider one of Hostinger’s higher-end cloud hosting options.

·        hPanel – The custom control panel used by Hostinger is not perfect. While it is easy to use and allows you to do most things without a problem, I still consider it slightly less functional than the standard cPanel option.

·        CloudFlare CDN missing on basic hosting packages: If you opt for one of the two lowest-end hosting packages, you will not get the CloudFlare CDN services.

Try Hostinger - Best Web Hosting’s Editorial Review

Hostinger is well-regarded by its users due to its exceptional hosting services, competitive pricing, and a range of features that position it as a favorable choice for many individuals.

 The website builder offered by Hostinger stands out for its user-friendly interface and an abundance of pre-designed templates, sparing users the need to create from the ground up. Nevertheless, it lacks the flexibility found in other options and involves additional expenses that can accumulate over time.

“I have personally used and recommended Hostinger in the past and have always been very happy with its hosting. After completing the research and testing for this web hosting review, my respect for the company has only gone up.” -Michael Levanduski, web hosting industry expert.

Plans and Pricing

Hostinger offers a range of beginner-friendly hosting options. That said, it’s missing more advanced types, including unmanaged plans and dedicated servers.

Shared–starts at $1.99 per month (For USA)

Shared–starts at 69 per month (For India)

 Good for: hosting a single new website, beginners, small business and medium websites.

Website Builder–starts at $2.99 per month (For USA)

Website Builder–starts at 129 per month (For India)

·        Good for: portfolios, simple websites, basic online stores

VPS–starts at $5.99 per month (For USA)

VPS–starts at 499 per month (For India)

·        Good for: websites or stores that have outgrown shared hosting

Cloud–starts at $8.99 per month (For USA)

Cloud–starts at 699 per month (For India)

·        Good for: intermediate users who want more control over their environment, For large scale projects. 

While there is a separate website builder plan, it’s also included for free in all of Hostinger’s hosting plans.

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Hostinger offers budget-friendly hosting services with premium features that cater to the majority of users' requirements effectively.

 Their website builder comes equipped with ready-made templates, ensuring effortless design for both websites and online stores. The integration of third-party tools facilitates seamless order management, inventory tracking, and analytics. For those with coding preferences, the option to embed code on the website is also available.

In summary, Hostinger excels at providing customers with essential features, avoiding unnecessary additions that could inflate costs.

Free domain on many hosting packages

If you decide to register for hosting with Hostinger, you may be eligible for a complimentary domain name during the initial year. It's important to note that certain basic packages may not feature this benefit. I suggest opting for the Premium Shared Hosting package at a minimum, as it includes the added advantage of a free domain name.

Nameserver protection from CloudFlare

All Hostinger nameservers benefit from the security measures of CloudFlare's DDoS mitigation services. Despite being shared among Hostinger customers, this safeguard plays a crucial role in enhancing security. In contrast, some hosting providers may expose their nameservers to potential vulnerabilities, leading to undesired periods of downtime. Although seemingly basic, Hostinger's inclusion of this added protection is a feature that I greatly appreciate.

Free SSL certificate

All hosting packages at Hostinger come with a free shared SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt SSL that will provide your site with significant security. It also ensures your site is following best practices regarding security, which Google confirms is important for proper SEO.

Built-in website builder

All of Hostinger’s plans include a free drag-and-drop website builder for simple, beginner-friendly website creation. With the builder, you can choose from a wide range of free templates, leverage the easy site editor, use its handy AI-powered features, and even build a full online store.

Pre-built templates:

Hostinger offers over 100 pre-built templates for site design. Keep in mind that some of them are meant for online stores, but they don’t have to be. You can turn the shopping cart or bag on or off as needed. In fact, all of Hostinger’s templates are fairly customizable. Change the layout of your header menu; remove, add, or move sections on a page.

As far as design goes, I think Hostinger leaves a lot to be desired. The templates are clean and modern, but end up feeling very similar to each other.

All of Hostinger’s templates are mobile-responsive, so they’ll look great on any device. As you’re customizing your design, click on the mobile device button at the top to preview your site in its shrunken form. Also, editing the pre-built templates is intuitive — simply click or double-click to reveal a menu with options.

Drag and drop editor:

It’s important for a website builder to have an easy-to-use site editor along with the ability to customize everything, otherwise, you may as well build a site from scratch. Hostinger makes it easy to edit all elements on your site with its intuitive layout, menus, terms, and helpful tips in popup windows.

Although you don’t need to know about grids in layout to modify your design, Hostinger offers a switch you can turn on to enable grid gaps. Having them on will make it a cinch for you to align images with text and other elements, making your design more visually pleasing.

Hostinger makes it so easy to add, move or modify any element that you can really mess up a good-looking website.

Online store builder:

You can easily upgrade your Website subscription to a Business plan, which allows you to build an online store. You can even choose from pre-built e-commerce templates to start designing.

More importantly, you’ll be able to start selling digital or physical products from your site. You can list up to 500 products and easily manage them from your Hostinger dashboard. After adding a product image, choose what type of product you’re selling, and then you can set your price, sales price, and add an SKU number.

Hostinger’s inventory management system makes it easy to track your stock and categorize your items. You can even add variants, so if you offer a t-shirt design in sizes small to extra-large, you can add those. Unfortunately, you can only add one variant per product. So, if you offer the same design in different colors, you’ll have to add the different colors as separate products.

Though Hostinger isn’t technically a point-of-sale (POS) system, it does let you set up payment processing so you can accept payments online. You can accept more than 20 different payment methods using some of the biggest gateways, including Apple Pay, EPS, Sofort, and more. Transaction fees vary from the third-party payment processing companies, and you’ll have to pay 1% to Hostinger.

AI Tools

Hostinger provides a range of artificial intelligence-driven tools designed to assist you in your marketing strategies. These tools encompass various tasks such as content creation, generating business names or taglines, and overcoming writer's block through AI-generated blog content.

Moreover, these AI tools extend their functionality to refining your brand elements, including the creation of logos, favicons, and image enhancements. Among the showcased tools, the background eraser stands out as particularly impressive. By uploading an image to the AI background image eraser, you receive a version with the background removed. While the tool may not be flawless, it generally performs well in eliminating backgrounds, although it may inadvertently erase white portions of foreground images in some instances.

For those seeking to streamline the content planning process for their websites, AI-generated content can be a time-saving solution. Hostinger offers a free AI writer, though the results may not always meet expectations. Users can choose a category, and the AI will automatically generate content based on the selected topic. However, this content won't be tailored to your brand, offering potential benefits mainly through inadvertent keyword targeting. Alternatively, the wildcard content creator allows users to input a few sentences, and the AI generates corresponding paragraphs.

In addition to content creation, Hostinger's AI tools can be employed to generate essential legal documents such as privacy policies, refund policies, and terms and conditions. Notably, these AI tools are freely accessible to all users, irrespective of whether they have a Hostinger subscription.

Custom hPanel

Many contemporary web hosting providers utilize cPanel as their control panel; however, Hostinger has developed its proprietary control panel known as hPanel. While I have a preference for the conventional cPanel, hPanel offers an intuitive suite of tools that simplifies website management. If you're new to running a website, navigating hPanel is a quick and straightforward process, ensuring a smooth experience without encountering significant issues. For those accustomed to using cPanel in the past, there may be a slight learning curve to adapt to the changes in hPanel, though it's not a major concern.

Additionally, hPanel serves as the platform for accessing Hostinger's customer support and exploring the store to add new features as needed.

Lots of site add-ons

Once you have your hosting account set up, you can customize it using the included site add-on features. This includes a variety of templates and themes along with convenient backup options.

Domain-specific email addresses

You have the choice to include email hosting as part of your web hosting package or acquire it as a standalone service. Opting for this enhanced email hosting provides numerous valuable features to optimize your email experience.

Upon configuring your email accounts, you gain access to features such as email templates, read receipts, follow-up reminders, and more. It's important to note that email hosting is not included for free with Hostinger, so you'll need to either add it to your existing plan or buy it separately.

99.9% uptime guarantee

All hosting packages at Hostinger come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Your hosting servers will be available to serve traffic at least 99.9% of the time, which aligns with the industry standard. While the company only guarantees that your servers will be up 99.9% of the time, it is much more reliable than that in most situations.

CloudFlare CDN on many hosting packages

Starting with the Business Shared Hosting package, you will get free access to the CloudFlare CDN. This helps to speed up the loading times for your website by housing key site files in data centers around the world. The CloudFlare CDN boasts 152 separate locations, meaning your site will always be hosted in a location physically close to your visitors.

LiteSpeed technology

I love that Hostinger uses LiteSpeed on all of its hosting packages. This allows faster response times on the server compared to other technologies most hosting companies use. In addition, many web hosting packages will give you free access to the CloudFlare CDN, which can further speed up your site’s loading.

Advanced security features

Security is always important with web hosting, and Hostinger takes that responsibility seriously. In addition to offering a free SSL certificate and name server protection, it also scans all files regularly for viruses, offers effective backup options, and makes sure site add-ons are kept up-to-date.

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Performance and Uptime

Hostinger has several important features to ensure your site performs well and remains up all the time. This is backed up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Uptime and reliability

After running extensive tests on Hostinger’s environment, I found it had a 100% uptime over the past 30 days, which is very impressive. The all-time uptime percentage is 99.966%, which is wonderful. After performing these tests, I’m confident you’re not likely to experience significant unexpected outages for your website.

Site response times

Site response times depend on the web hosting company’s servers and infrastructure, which in the case of Hostinger, are superior. After running multiple tests on the Hostinger side, the average response time was between 450ms and 625ms, which is very good. The response time is the delay from the moment you attempt to reach the servers until you get the first response back. It will include transit time between your computer and the Hostinger servers. Simply put, speed should not be an issue when using Hostinger.

Optimized WordPress hosting

Hostinger has several hosting packages designed specifically for WordPress hosting. If you are using the very popular WordPress CMS, it is recommended to look at these hosting options first. They are optimized to run WordPress-based sites as efficiently as possible.


Hostinger provides a range of essential features designed to enhance the security of your website. These include SSL Certificates, CloudFlare DDoS mitigation, and data backup services.

Furthermore, every website and online store hosted on Hostinger receives a complimentary SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt SSL. Hostinger's e-commerce tools are compliant with Level 1 PCI standards, allowing you to securely integrate any payment processor from Hostinger's approved list with confidence.

SSL certificates

SSL certificates have become an essential part of any reputable website today, so it is good that Hostinger offers them for free on all its hosting packages. The free SSL certificates are shared certificates from Let’s Encrypt, one of the leaders in this technology.

In addition to allowing your site to use this standard encryption protocol, it also helps ensure your site can rank as well as possible with the search engines. Google has confirmed it prioritizes sites with SSL certificates over those without.

DDoS mitigation

DDoS attacks are one of the most common forms of cyberattacks, with countless incidents occurring every day. These types of attacks can take a website offline for extended periods if not properly handled. Hostinger has all its traffic flowing through CloudFlare’s DDoS mitigation system to protect your site from this attack.


Hostinger provides around-the-clock assistance to its customers through live chat or email. Regrettably, phone support is not available, though many individuals now favor live chat. Despite the absence of phone support, Hostinger offers a comprehensive self-help section that addresses various questions and guides users through challenges. The help page also features system status updates, allowing users to stay informed about any issues on Hostinger's end.

Recent Improvements

These are some of the recent product improvements made available by Hostinger:

  • Easy account sharing: Hostinger recently made it easier to share your account with friends, coworkers, employees, and others. This can make it a lot simpler to manage your site.
  • Plan boost: If you are expecting a day with high levels of traffic (such as if you are running a promotion or advertisement), you can engage plan boost, which doubles your hosting capabilities for 24 hours.
  • Improved WordPress migration: Hostinger has recently updated its WordPress site migration tools to make it faster and easier to move a WordPress-based site from another hosting company to Hostinger.
  • Updated WordPress security: Hostinger regularly updates security across the site, especially on its WordPress hosting environments since those are a primary target by cybercriminals.

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