How to use AI in digital advertising

How to use AI in digital advertising

Today, AI in the realm of digital advertising is a hot topic in a multitude of industries, with no shortage of discussions and claims about its potential advantages.

You might have already dabbled in using AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, Bard, or similar solutions to create content for emails, brainstorm ideas for your blog, or enhance your efficiency in other digital advertising activities. However, it's worth noting that there are numerous unexplored benefits you may not have considered yet. What's undeniable is that all these AI advancements offer advertisers one significant promise: substantial time-saving.

In an ‘always on’ era, marketers need efficiency and variability in messaging

In the current landscape of digital marketing, platforms like Google Search, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and YouTube are constantly buzzing with activity. Marketers find themselves navigating a multitude of channels to engage with their audience. While this vast array of platforms offers access to a broader audience, it also presents certain challenges.

One significant challenge is the need to tailor your message to suit the preferences of each user base. Given that the tone and style vary across these diverse platforms, adapting your content to resonate with each audience can quickly consume a significant portion of your day.

This is where artificial intelligence can play a crucial role. Users can streamline their content creation process by leveraging AI-based tools to generate message variations and inspire their creativity. While digital advertisers must remain vigilant regarding compliance and potential language controversies, AI enables them to operate more efficiently, allowing them to allocate more time to strategic tasks.

Why human supervision remains paramount: the argument of attended vs. unattended AI

While AI can alleviate the need to concentrate on routine tasks, we maintain that it cannot fully substitute the human element. Given the intricacies inherent in different brands, organizations, and regions, even if AI is employed to produce content, there remains a requirement for an intermediary to ensure the generated language adheres to standards and safety. Let us emphasize this point: AI-enhanced tools do not serve as a complete replacement for human labor.

This is precisely where organizations can uncover the greatest potential: by amalgamating the potential of AI with the reliability of human expertise, they can achieve increased efficiency, reduced expenses, and concentrate valuable intellectual and material resources on the facets of their business that have the most significant impact on their bottom line.

AI can help you with the last mile of your creative

AI excels in producing keywords, headlines, and even providing valuable ideas for your messaging. While it can fulfill these roles admirably and more, it falls short of matching the quality a human can achieve when it comes to generating lengthy, substantial content. We view AI as a valuable aid for creative teams, particularly in the final stages of their strategic efforts.

Today's industry places significant demands on individuals to deliver results, yet it's unsustainable for one person to juggle client relationships, traditional marketing, and technical responsibilities. These impractical expectations begin to transform when automation is integrated into your strategy and workflow, taking on certain roles.

Keep a pulse on your margins with the help of automation

Digital marketing frequently aligns with substantial financial investments. When depending solely on human oversight to handle your profit margins, even a small mistake can lead to significant financial losses for your company. To illustrate, consider a scenario where a promotional campaign coincides with a major holiday, and when the campaign ends, someone overlooks removing the associated ad placement. What are the consequences when this oversight is eventually identified? By addressing these potential risks, you can significantly minimize the likelihood of having to issue refunds for outdated advertisements promoting previous sales or promotions.

You see the benefits, not it’s time to automate

Automation is already significantly enhancing the efficiency and profitability of businesses. If you're interested in utilizing AI for digital advertising or if you're currently partnered with someone who's struggling to facilitate your growth, we're eager to demonstrate how our platform can serve as the foundation for your ad agency's current and future success.

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